Vintage Motorcycles

This section will be a collection of old motorcycles.  Dirt and street.  Also I will have pictures and stories of motorcycles that I work on to bring back to life.

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Mud Muckers

Mud Muckers are motorcycle hand guard that keep the mud off your controls and hands.  Brought out in a one time ad in Motocross Action in 1976.

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You Tube

I enjoy photography and videography.  Please visit my channel and post comments.  My channel is a combination of music, racing and events.  Please visit our selection of You tube video's also.

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Early Motocross

World Class Products

In the year 1975 I opened a motocross accessory shop and ran until the end of 78.  World Class Products was  located in Broadripple, IN. on Cornell Ave. I was one of the first business's on this street to get a variance to operate.  The friendships I made and the the people I met was a great experience for me.  In the second year of business I started handling BMX bicycles and accessories.  I was a Suzuki bicycle dealer.  Bicycle Motocross (BMX) originally started when children began imitating motocross riders on their bicycles. Old bikes were used on roped off tracks with turns and jumps which gave the pedal powered fanatics a sensation of racing motocross. The number plates on the bicycle and the trophies at the finish line made it feel real.  Please visit the blog section to unveil some of the cool pictures and stories of motocross.


The Story...

Let's go back to the early days of motocross in the state of Indiana.  District 15 is no longer but the memories will live on.